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Summary of Question:RAJ KEREGA KHALSA
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Wednesday, 7/14/1999 9:04 PM MDT


300 years ago this day,
God created a Khalsa to stay,
A brotherhood built on Strength and Trust
Preaching Gods naam is a must,
Sant Saphais who worship the lord
When the time comes, defend with the sword,
They?ve endured many battles throughout the years
Darbar Sahibs wounds bring my eyes to tears

Again and Again, attempts have been made,
To abolish the Khalsa brotherhood the Guru laid
The Chakre, Khanda, Spear and Kirpan,
Enemies wiped with swiftness of a toofan,
Khalsa brotherhood lives in Chardhi Kala,
Waits for the day, Raj Kerega Khalsa,

As the new millenium begins
Take amrit, God forgive sins
Sacrifice yourself and wear 5 K?s
To ensure that the Khalsa brotherhood stays
Jaap naam simran on his name,
Strengthen the Khalsa, make it the same,
As Guru Gobind Singh 300 years this day,
Raj Kerega Khalsa, it is here to stay,

Reality shows Sikhs dissolving away,
Into Western culture day by day,
Loosing identity giving beliefs the Kick,
But Still say, ?I am a Sikh?
Listen brothers and sisters if you may,
What do our next Generation have to say?
If we don?t keep our full identity
Next millenium, Sikhs wont be plenty,
Start with the Reyth, do sewa, love all.
To one day take amrit should be your goal
Show the world the Sikh are alive and Strong,
Guru Gobind Singhs words can not be Wrong
Fight Kam Karod Lob Moh Hankar,
I pray for the day, RAJ KEREGA KHALSA
-Sundeep Singh Shergill
[email protected]


Vow, that was very inspirational poetry! With Khalsas to match your zealous spirit, the Raj of the Khalsa will no longer remain a distant reality. Keep it Up!


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RAJ KEREGA KHALSA (07/14/1999)
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