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Summary of Question:Re: Goats??
Date Posted:Monday, 5/10/1999 5:41 AM MDT

When I was at school in the UK that's what the English taught us. [In my opinion] the goats story was written by [followers of another religion] who would not accept that other religions can do miracles apart from theirs. This also stems from the concept that [in my opinion] they accept no other religion despite what their [scripture] says about love thy neighbour.

In the UK there was a huge campaign to correct this mistake in the RE syllabus, and as far as I am aware the correct story is now told in the schools.

I don't know which website you were reading, but it obviously needs correcting, can you mention it to the appropriate webmaster.

Thank you


Because the comment above reports a concerted, organized effort that took place to correct misconceptions about Sikh Dharma that have been published and re-told by non-Sikhs and Sikhs alike, it seems appropriate to support reference to such efforts. This moderator has inserted the bracketed (ie., []) terms and phrases out of respect for the rights of other religions to be wrong without being demonized. If, as Guru Nanak taught us, <there is no muslim or hindu, only humans in need of enlightenment and compassion> then there is no need, in this moderator's opinion, to explicitly name, judge and demonize those who distort our stories out their own limited understanding. Let us simply clean our own house, participate in cleaning the world's house, and accept all humanity as brothers and sisters. That is the Khalsa way.

Krishna Singh Khalsa

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