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Summary of Question:Re: Cod Liver Oil & Cruelty-Free Medicine
Date Posted:Monday, 2/18/2002 5:07 PM MST

Sat siri Akaal, all!

This one is for the person whose parents were concerned about taking cod liver oil, as it is a product from living animals. Consider trying Absorbine Veterinary Liniment, which is originally meant for horses but is fabulous for human aches & pains. Also it is not made from animal products & is cruelty-free. You can find it through pet supply shops and tack shops (which sell equipment for horses & riders.)

I hope this might help you. Just tell your mother not to put it on if she wears nail polish, because it'll strip the paint right off! But take it from a person with a herniated disk, it really works.

Thank you!



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Re: Cod Liver Oil & Cruelty-Free Medicine (02/18/2002)
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