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Summary of Question:DEAF SIKH PEOPLE
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Friday, 9/03/1999 12:13 PM MDT

Hi I am writing on behalf of a friend, that friend is particually troubled becasuse of the situation that his sister finds herself in.

She is a wonderful, creative and intelligent person, but unfortunately she is deaf and has been since early childhood. Against all this she has found ways to overcome barriers and gained qualifications and works in an accounts department with a big company.
Her problem is that they are finding it hard to introduce her to suiters. I have tried looking on the internet for help but none is available. Could anyone out there tell us of any sikh organiation or matrimonials that could help her find a good honest sikh husband, he does not have to be deaf but it seems that our society regards this as a burden.


Dear Sundeep,

isnt society just silly. I'm sure that this young woman is a great human being. To overcome any difficulty in life brings about personal growth, and shows courage and a drive to succeed and not be a burden to anyone. I admire that in any person. You should contact Sikhnet Matrimonial ( I mean the Webmaster ) and ask them for their assistance. I wish her the best. She deserves an honest good man, and I'm sure that God will provide him. ThanK You

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh

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