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Summary of Question:Why We Cut Our Nails And Not Hair?
Date Posted:Wednesday, 3/17/1999 12:36 PM MDT

Why we cut our nails and not hair?

Some say that we do not have pain when we cut dead nail .....but i think when hair are being cut from the end they even not give pain.....
Please answer it?

The answer to your question is that it has nothing to do with pain. It is very simple. Hair does not break by itself. It grows to its natural length and then stops growing any longer all by itself. Nails grow continuously and they break off by themselves in normal usage. It is to prevent breakage that they are trimmed. If we don't trim them, nature will. Not so with hairs.


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. . Re: Why We Cut Our Nails And Not Hair? (03/23/1999)
Why We Cut Our Nails And Not Hair? (03/17/1999)
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