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Summary of Question:Marriage and Love
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Tuesday, 10/12/1999 9:38 AM MDT

I'm a sikh and are in love with a punjabi brahmin girl who leaves nearby my house. I have already known her for more than a year and i'm deeply in love with her. My future plans is to get married to her. Now i only having a problem where my parents don't agree with my relationship with that girl. It's just that she is not a sikh. I just can't leave her and say to her goodbye like this after i have gave her a lot of hope, but i don't know why my parents are like this. My dad he always talk bad about her religion. Is that's a sikh way where one can say anythign and yell at other races? what shall i do so that my dad will change himself. My girlfriend is willing to convert herself to punjabi but my parents still don't want to agree. Please help me.Thank You

Amreet Singh

Dear Amreet Singh Ji

You are in quite a situation. The only advice that I can think of is this. You are the one living your life, not your parents and not anyone else. You have to decide what you want and you have to go for it. If your parents are against it that is their decision. If you are in Love with this girl truly, then you would not even consider leaving her because of what someone else thinks. I realize that you are distressed and I cannot fully understand the pressures you are under but you need to be sure of yourself and just keep up.

Maybe if you spoke to your father and said the exact same thing you wrote in your Email it might be a start in changing him. It is not the way of a Sikh to critisize any other faith, so he should know this already. If you calmly speak to him and tell him how you feel he will have to respect you. He may not change but he will know that you dont feel the same as him and that you are willing to point that out. Please understand Amreet Singh you have to make your own way in the world , my advice is just that advice and you will have to make your decisions. Meditate on God and everything will be clear to you. Thank you


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Marriage and Love (10/12/1999)
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