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Summary of Question:Ishnaan
Date Posted:Thursday, 6/21/2001 8:32 PM MDT

I have a question about taking shower with cold water. I have read a book written by Bhai Veer Singh and he claimed taking cold shower a Bipran Ki reet because he said God doesn't look at what kind of shower you take. If you take warm shower, would Guru Ji be more happy. I took cold shower once in the morning but then I got sick for 3 days and never took it again. What is the real truth?


Sat Siri Akaal Ji. There is a science behind ishnaan. Guru loves us all, in hot or cold water, in bath or shower. Sometimes the science is forgotten and the practice is remembered as something that pleases Guru. the best ishnaan is a brisk cold shower. Shower needs to have good water pressure, low pressure is not as effective at all. Rub the body with oil of your choice then jump in and rub the navel, the chest, the arms, the thighs. Stay in till you no longer feel cold. The towel dry briskly. Your nervous system will be stimulated and strengthened, and you will open up the itty bitty capillaries that feed the feet, hands, etc. Great therapy for the mind and body, wonderful for bad moods and depression!

My own experience, if it's any help, is that if the water is ICE cold, and my hands freeze up, then it is too cold, so I add a little warm to the point where my hands don't lock up but shower is still cold. Also, it REALLY helps during winter that the shower room/bathroom be warm, so that I do not chill upon exiting the shower.

That said, some people simply should not or can not do cold showers. Experiment with this technique. Do your best, but know that you are still a Gursikh because of your devotion, not your shower!

Guru rakha,

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Ishnaan (06/21/2001)
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