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Summary of Question:What Are The Main Features Of A Gurdwara
Date Posted:Tuesday, 8/09/2005 12:59 PM MDT

hiya. i'm currently doing a gcse in r.e. and sikhism is one of the religions that i have to study. because its holidays i thought i better catch up on coursework that was supposed to be handed in before we leave so i would really appreciate it if you could answer these questions for me.

1) Could you describe the main features of a gurdwara
2)whjat is the importance of these features in a gurdwara
3)what is the importance of a gurdwara for a sikh community
4)is it really neccesary for sikhs to have a gurdwara and why?

i would really appreciate it if you could go into detail when answering these questions

thank you


I suggest that you start with Victory and Virtue, which is posted on SikhNet. It will answer many of your questions. Talk to people in your community. Everyone will give you different perspectives, which will be much more diverse and rich than the opinion of one. Then, if you still have questions, write us back. Good luck. GTKK

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What Are The Main Features Of A Gurdwara (08/09/2005)
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