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Summary of Question:Amritdhari Without Rehit
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Saturday, 3/27/1999 3:00 AM MDT

Sat Nam,

I would like to know what Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji says about those Sikhs who have taken Guru's amrit but then do not live in rehit. What i mean by 'not living in rehit is' : no nitnem, drinking alcohol, eating meat, shaving etc.

Would a person be better off 'not taking amrit', than making a committment which they can only fulfill for a few months or years?

This Youth Forum is great!


Guru Granth Sahib ji does not mention AMRIT of Khanda Bata. The Shabad "AMRIT" used in Guru Granth Sahib is for the Amrit of "Naam".

Partaking the Amrit of Khanda Baata is a COMMITMENT. Honorable people honor their commitments. It is for this reason that in the olden days when I was young, partaking of Amrit of Khanda Baata was taken very seriously. All aspirants were encouraged to observe all the rehats, do nitnem paath etc for a full year and be CERTAIN that they were ready to make a lifetime commitment, before being allowed to partake the Amrit of Khanda Baata.

Those who partake the Amrit of Khanda Baata, and do kurehats, are called kurehtiyas.


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Amritdhari Without Rehit (03/27/1999)
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