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Summary of Question:Re: Science and Sri Guru Granth Sahib
Date Posted:Friday, 2/18/2000 11:48 AM MST
Sat Sri Akal Lotus,
It is very important to know that sciene and spiritulism are based on two different hypothesis. Sciene says "Zero and infinity are two entities" but spiritualism says "If you achieve zero you achieve infinity".

To answer your question it is better to understand and explain energy concept.

If you are carrying out some scientific analysis it is important to note that a system always have a finite enegry. If the energy of system go to infinity we say the system has become unstable. But spiritualism says in other ways. And we find many examples testimony to that. GOD is nothing but a infinte source of energy. And science say to have infinite energy source is virtually impossible. But great people have realized that there is infinte source of energy and they termed it as GOD.

If you draw a analogy in scientific model the faith and hope are those variables while carrying out analysis which effect the outcome of result. We have anticipation that under this condition the state of system will go under this variation. Similarly faith and hope give a power to anticipate a person what might happen in real life.

Books based on scientific concepts give some set of rules to carry out an experiment in successful and perfect way. Similarly SGGS is holy book which defines certain rules to become a perfect man. And we know perfection is important in every aspect.

Last and most important scientific principle can only be understood by those who have understanding. If you try to explain this to a commom lay man that their is infinte source of energy they find it difficult to interpret. But by saying GOD they have better understanding and it will help them to become a better human.

After all the science and spiritualism is meant to improve the life of a person. One does it in physical sense and other does it in other way. Think it. I hope it works,
Tarun Deep Singh

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