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Summary of Question:Humanity and Religion
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Monday, 5/10/1999 9:47 AM MDT

Hello there, i was just wondering exactly which is more important - humanity or religion itself. I know many people who do a lot of Path and Naam, but they always criticize people and speak in a very rude manner to guests and servants. On the other hand, I know people who never do naam, but have very good characters and speak very politely to everyone. Now, my question is, which one of these people are better and why ?

I hope you will answer my question in as much detail as possible, with possible reference to the SGGS if possible.
Thank You.
Sat Nam. Guru Nanak taught that Truth is great, but greater still is truthful living. I don't think it has to be a case of "either" - "or." And I have no right to judge any person as being better than any other. I do believe that the true purpose of religioin is to help us become better people, which will take us closer to realizing the God within us -- and within every other being. Japji Sahib opens with our instructions of how to live, as we learn of the example of what God is, we are told to understand that there is One God, His Name (identity) is Truth, He is the Doer of everything.(God lives and breathes in every human, no matter how rotten or rude they may be.) When we apply that knowledge then we become Fearless, and therefore without animosity or enmity toward anyone (so we would not slander or criticize), we aspire to become the personification of the undying Self, so we need not reincarnate -- and everything that comes to us is Guru's Grace. Then we are told to JAP -- i.e. to repeat God's Na
me. recognizing that Truth existed from the beginning, through all the ages, and exists now, and finally, Nanak tells us Truth shall always exist. So, just reciting these words without applying them is only part of the process necessary to be a fully humane human being. On the other hand, as admirable as good manners and kindness (the highest of virtues) are, without the repetition of God's Name, we are cheating ourselves of the direct communication possible with our God and Guru. So, when you see someone being obnoxious and hypocritical, thank God it's not you! - and bless them.. And when you see someone being kind and polite, thank God - and bless them! We can learn from everyone we see-- they are either an example or a warning! Best wishes, blessings to you! SP

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Humanity and Religion (05/10/1999)
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