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Summary of Question:How To Tie A Turban For MenīS
Date Posted:Sunday, 1/21/2001 8:51 PM MST

Sat Nam.

please if you can teach me how tie a turban for menīs
i live in mexico city and here is hard find some one to ask for help
How many meters, wich style of textile, colors kind of material,?
Andīplease step by step how fold ant tien in my head..

Sat Nam.
Soon we will have turban directions on Sikhnet.

For now try....gauze or thin white cotton....5-6 yards...stetch with another person and roll it or fold it into a 4 inch strip. Then take one end and put it into your mouth as you stretch the cloth from the back of your neck over your head to the front. Continue wrapping it over your head on an angle as you layer the wraps graduating the pieces.(Over lapping each piece only half so you keep entending the turban over your entire head. When you head is fully covered, take the end in your mouth out. It will be like a tail at the back of your neck. Pull on this tail and open the top part of it to cover the top of your head. Then tuck the end in the back center of the turban to lock all the pieces in place.

In Mexico, you can e-mail: [email protected] or [email protected] for information on a Sikh man in your city for you to contact.

God bless you.

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How To Tie A Turban For MenīS (01/21/2001)
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