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Summary of Question:Lineage Of Guruship After 3Rd Guru?
Category:Sikh History
Date Posted:Monday, 4/10/2006 1:44 PM MDT

Guru Nanak Dev Ji slected his successor, as did Guru Angad dev ji, as did Guru Amardas Ji. Why then did Guru Raam Das Ji and all the other holy Guru's choose to keep the Guruship within their own family lineage instead of giving it to the most devout Sikh at the time? forgive my ignorance, i know it couldn't have been out of selfishness, but I dont understand why. Please help.


Mr Singh

Sat nam. Because of Bibi Bani Kaur, the daughter of the 3rd Guru. She saw a leg of her father's meditation cot breaking and in order not to disturb him nor have the cot fall, she held that part of the cot until he had finished his meditation. When he realized this, he praised her and sought to honor her in return. She requested that the lineage of the Guruship remain in her family, and Guru Amar Das agreed. She was the daughter, wife (Guru Ram Das), and mother (Guru Arjan) of a Guru.
Guru ang sang,

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Lineage Of Guruship After 3Rd Guru? (04/10/2006)
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