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Summary of Question:Extrinsic Or Intrinsic
Category:Sikh History
Date Posted:Saturday, 7/14/2007 4:26 AM MDT


Name is chandan i am a born into a sikh family so i guess i can be considered a sikh. I was just wondering about religion and its details. From my side i see that people have 2 reasons that they are religious for:

1) Extrinsically - they want to get acceptance from others (parents), or want to make parents happy, they do it for others.

2) Intrinsically - from inner beliefs.

I am trying to switch from extrinsically to intrinsically and was wondering how can u help me out with that. i am tired of doing it just to make the parents happy and be accepted in society. I want to do it for myself, not for others.

If you could answer this question for me, i would personally come and thank you. And please give me a really good answer, just dont tell me to go read the Guru Granth Sahib or smthn, i want a great answer. I think this will help a lot of people also, if they read the answer to this question, so u will be helpin the whole community with ur divine answers.

You have the really great answer inside of you.
This is the mystery of life that the Guru's all addressed.
You can have mastery of this inner experience of your soul by singing Naam Japo.
Guru Gobind Singh gave us in the Rehit Maryada and
the Siri Guru Granth Sahib to recite.

Nothing to read my dear. Sing and recite the song of the Guru and give yourself
that intrinsic experience that you crave.



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Extrinsic Or Intrinsic (07/14/2007)
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