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Summary of Question:Physical prob...
Date Posted:Wednesday, 6/30/1999 1:26 AM MDT

What abt the people who face some physical problems. And it becomes necessary for them to shorten their hair...? For ex. a person suffering from severe migraine for several years....

And i am not trying to make out an excuse for doing so...but what abt if it's real problem. And there is no solution at hand...

I know of people who take this as an excuse to cut their hair short...but i am not talking of that... this is real.
Thank you for your question. First of all, it should be recognized that no medical diagnosis or prescription is absolute. That is why there is a widespread, recommended practice called <getting a second opinion>. In the case of a doctor telling a Sikh that the hair must be cut, the Sikh has a choice to become the chela of that doctor, or to remain a Sikh of the Guru. There is absolutely no definitive treatment which demands that one's hair be cut to treat migraines. (I have personally experienced and coped with migraine for more than 25 years). In a very large number of cases, migraine is caused by liver-gall bladder problems (often coupled with adrenal fatigue). Cutting the hair has no relationship to this problem. Detoxing the gall bladder & liver system, re-building the liver through diet and naturopathic medication, release of stress, exercise, massage, drinking plenty of pure water, adequate rest and sleep, and rebuilding the adrenal system through appropriate herbal and naturopathic medicines is
the royal road to healing a migraine problem. If a doctor says to cut the hair to cure migraine, that doctor has an agenda against hair. It is not a cure for migraine.

In other words, don't buy into authority which denies your Sikh principles so easily. There are thousands of doctors and health practitioners, world wide, who are much more enlightened than that. It is guaranteed that the Guru's teachings, properly understand and practiced, are consistent and compatible with the best modern medical opinions. If you have another counter-example, try again with another question. Otherwise, if the doctor's word conflicts with the Guru's word, it would be better to get a qualified, second doctor's opinion (independently and unknown to the first).

Krishna Singh Khalsa

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Physical prob... (06/30/1999)
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