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Summary of Question:Makeup
Date Posted:Friday, 4/30/1999 6:21 PM MDT

I was just wondering, is it okay for a sikh girl to wear makeup before marriage?

thanks for taking the time for answering this question.


Why would you wear makeup before or after marriage? Do you think God in you is so ugly you have to cover it up. You are the Akal Moorat, image of God. The entire light of the soul radiates through the face, and you want to cover it up.
Make up looks like nice colors, but actually it totally covers and blocks the skin, so just do one experiment. Take some all black face paint and cover your face with it. That's what your soul looks like to others when you wear makeup.
why not let your radiance shine through. If you only wash your face with cold water, it will always have a beauty and radiance.

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