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Summary of Question:Bad Thoughts In Meditation
Date Posted:Sunday, 2/17/2008 11:01 AM MST

Waheguru Ji Ka kalsa

dear sikhnet i realy need your help as i think i have done realy bad things. i am so confused. please help me.

when i go to meditate i close my eyes and start thinking of the Gurus and i recite the Gurus names. i also begin to sing the prasis of the Gurus and God. this is all good however when i get to such a time in the meditation i get lost into bad thoughts.

this is the problem, when i get these thoughts i think of seriously bad things and they come true even though i dont want them to happen.

Here is an example of one. once i was meditating and i kept thinking of my dad having an affair on my mum. i was getting these thoughts every time i went to pray or meditate. i even stopped half way through the pray or meditation and say to the Guru dont let anything like this happen but when i was saying this in my mind i was still getting the same thoughts of this happenings.

then i found out that my dad was having an affiar on my mum, and now i think that i have done a terriable thing even though i did not want it to happen. i think that it is all my falt and that i will suffer for having these thoughts and for them happening.

please help me i realy feel bad about the thoughts that i get and that they come true. how can i stop this from happening again.

please tell me if i can do anything about this and how i can control what i say or think when i pray and meditate. please could you tell me if i could of caused this to happen.

dont put my name on the question area I have sent this message before i just wanted you to not put my name up.

<<<<< REPLY >>>>>

Wahe Guru Ji ka Khalsa
Wahe Guru Ji ki Fateh!

Your thoughts are not causing things to happen. Your intuition is working and it is telling you what is already happening. You just know in a moment.

When you meditate correctly, you learn to cut each negative thought with the Guru mantra just like a sword cuts.

When you cut the negative - with the stroke of "Waheguru!" like a sword | it becomes a positive +

Just like that. Negative becomes positive.

The mantra is a filter. It cleans the mind. Negative thoughts do not go away immediately. You must develop the habit to cut them instead of letting them take you with them. That is called Pratyahar.

Keep the breath and the mantra together and simply cut through the negative thoughts. It is effortless.

In the Name of the Guru, the Light of every Sikh, and the Holy Naam which holds the world.


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Bad Thoughts In Meditation (02/17/2008)
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