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Summary of Question:Why Do Sikhs Not Accept Muslims In The Gurdwara
Date Posted:Wednesday, 3/15/2006 5:25 PM MDT


i was born into a muslim family and came to learn about sikhism through watching gurbani on television and this made me curious in which i slowly started reading about this wonderful religion and beginning to accept the teachings of the guruji's. however when i went to the gurdwara sahib i was always discriminated against verbally even on one occassion i was asked not to enter the hall where i could pay my respectS to the Guru Granth Sahib. Are all the gurdwara sahibs so discrimanative against muslims who are serious about wanting to learn about this religion. The teachings of the great Guru's are not implimented in the gurdwaras, i feel if i was from a different background i would be accepted but as my family are muslims, i am not allowed to become part of the sikhi dharam

Sat nam. There are historical and familial/cultural reasons why Sikhs have trouble accepting Muslims in a gurdwara. A brief reading of Sikh history will explain it. And additionally, today's times add fuel to the fire. If you are in UK, then you will understand that people are afraid of terrorists who happen to be Muslim, or Muslims who happen to be terrorists: take your pick.

That is, however, no excuse. The Golden Temple, the Sikh's holiest shrine, is open on four sides to accept and welcome all, recognizing that the Creator is in all directions, and people from all directions worship the same Creator. A Muslim Pir laid the foundation stone of the Golden Temple, at 5th Guru Arjan's request. If you are sincere about wanting to convert to Sikhi, then find a community that will accept you and do it. Go anyway (so long as your physical well-being is not endangered). Don't rush it. Guru ang sang,

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Why Do Sikhs Not Accept Muslims In The Gurdwara (03/15/2006)
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