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Summary of Question:British Food In Langar Hall
Date Posted:Monday, 5/08/2006 3:12 PM MDT

There has been a recent debate at my local Gurdwara about langar. On tuesday the youth have arranged a class for the youth and we serve pasta and chips for the children along with the traditional chapati and daal for the older generation. However, the commitee of the Gurdwra have condemned this to saying it's wrong. Are we allowed to serve pasta and chips in the langar hall?

Sat nam. Sikhi is NOT about rules and rituals. It is a way of life and thinking, with what's important being one's practice and service to others. There is no rule out there that says a gurdwara is required to serve Punjabi food only. The only reason I can think of for condemning pasta is the eggs that are in pasta. Other than that, I can see no reason to avoid 'british' vegetarian food for the children on youth night. Guru ang sang,

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British Food In Langar Hall (05/08/2006)
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