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Summary of Question:Never Give In Or Up?
Category:Sikh History
Date Posted:Tuesday, 12/02/2003 5:28 PM MST

When I was growing up as kid in england, I loved to listen to tapes of gurbani, refusing to listen to any hindi or western music. If anyone would change the kirtan I'd put my hands over my ears and scream turn this 'gaand' off, lol, those days are gone, i was not the strongest of sikhs but by no means weak mentally or physically, when I was offered temptation i resisted luckily, so to this day i have never drank, smoke, or had any other intoxicants but i wasn't fulfilled either, the things that made me strong was sikh history, by reading how the paanth never gave up I recieved such joy that I never thought of doing these act such as drinking or in particular, but I was still floating or rather drifting, just because i didnt drink or smoke does not mean i was a better person than anyone, i analylsed myself then and realised that i did everything 'good' at least i thought but except do my paat, i didnt think much of this truth at the time- how wrong I was!, all sikh brothers and sisters hear me, the only true way to achieve inner peace is to do paat, i realised this personally and the results come, my question to sikhnet is- each meditation is unique and personal to each sikh but in the end does it matter what deeds and actions one does each time he or she meditates on naam, I say this because i find some days if i say do seva at the gurdwara i feel lighter and more able to connect to the guru why is this?? Waheguru je ka khalsa, Waheguru je ke fateh!! Be strong

(REPLY) Sat Nam. God bless you! Guru Gobind Singh gave us Bana, Bani, Seva, and Simran to make us strong. When we use all of these, of course we feel more connected to the Guru. Keep up, and you will be kept up! SP

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Never Give In Or Up? (12/02/2003)
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