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Summary of Question:Why Did God Put Us On To This Earth?
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Sunday, 9/12/1999 3:41 PM MDT

Sat sri Akaal,

The question which I have not been able to find an answer to is;

Why did God put us on this earth? The Christians belive that they were put on earth because they we cast out of heaven for committing a sin i.e eating a apple from a tree which was forbidden by god. God cast them out so they could prove them selves worth enough of re entering heaven, so what does sikhiam say the reason is of being put on earth.


Sat Siri Akaal Ji.

We are put on this earth to remember God. We are Divine beings born for Human experience, according to the Hukum (will) of God. God did not cast us out. Rather, Guruji tells us it is so hard/rare to get a physical body and experience physical form. It is a gift from God and so we are taught to remember God to know Him through/in this body/mind temple.

We are put on this earth to complete the karmas of past lives. By remembering God, our karmic account is cleared and we end the rounds of births and deaths into physical form. Our Soul then merges back with Waheguru and we know His bliss for all time. If you study Siri Guru Granth Sahib (you can use English translation) you will see these concepts stated AGAIN and AGAIN. You can also study a beautiful English translation of Japji by going here and scrolling down to "english translation of Japji" and you will see how Guru Nanak explained God, the Universe, and our relation to it All.

-Guru rakha,

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Why Did God Put Us On To This Earth? (09/12/1999)
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