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Summary of Question:Khalsa?
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Sunday, 4/25/1999 2:21 PM MDT

hello i was wondering wat "khalsa" really meant. I know sikhs have just celebrated 300 years of khalsa but i dont know what it means in full detail. if you can help me that would be great!! thank you. i will appriciate it if i recieve a response soon. thanks again.

Dear Friend,
Sat Nam. This is a very good question. The Khalsa is a spiritual nation founded within Sikh Dharma, by Guru Gobind Singh in 1699. Khalsa includes all the teachings, all the wisdom and all the Truth we received from all the Gurus. At the same time, the notion of Khalsa requires us to Act in a courageous and truthful way in service to the Guru and to all humanity. Even an enemy is approached with a sense of humility and service. (When Guru Gobind Singh shot his arrows to intervene against wrongdoing, he tipped them with a band of gold to pay for the funeral expenses of the one whose life would be taken).

Guru Gobind Singh was an aknowledged master of Persian language and poetry. The word Khalsa comes from the Persian word <khalis>, which means <pure>. In one Shabd of Gurbani, Guru Nanak said, <If you want to play the game of Love, then place your head on your hand, and then come and walk on my street.> Giving up one's head means giving up the ego, to purify oneself from the selfish, greedy, limited aspect of ourselves that isn't capable of knowing the real meaning of love. So, when the Khalsa was formed in 1699, Guru Gobind Singh said, <Give me your head!>. Five brave Sikhs came forward, willing to die by the Guru's sword, simply because He asked. They had truly learned to give up the ego to live in the will of the Guru and the Infinite. What they received, rather than death, was life eternal, while living on the Earth in human form. They were <Jivan Mukhta>, those who were <liberated while yet alive>. Guru Nanak initiated that teaching. The Sikhs of Guru Gobind Singh fulfilled it, and so the perfec
ting virtue of Sikh Dharma was confirmed. On Baisakhi Day in 1699, after Guru Gobind Singh administered the Amrit (Nectar of Truth) to the 5 Beloved Ones, Guruji then bowed to them and asked them to give Him the Amrit. Their worthiness was established. The disciples became the Guru, and the Guru became the disciple of Khalsa. And you are invited.

May you be blessed and inspired,
Krishna Singh Khalsa

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