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Summary of Question:Love
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Tuesday, 11/02/1999 12:05 PM MDT

Please Help Me!

You see for the past few years in my life as a youth, i have been going out with black and west indian fellaz. This has created a BIG problem for me now because i would really like to have a Sikh Jatt boyfriend now in my life. I have never been with a sikh boy, and i'm sikh jatt. I have a porblem approaching guys, and black and west indian boys always approach me so in the past getting a man was never a problem. The black and west indian boy still come up to me, but for the past 6 months i haven't been out with any of them. I really would like to get with this one sikh boy i kind of know. I don't know much about him, i just happen to know his name, and he knows mine, thats it. We have lots of multual friends and stuff but i would really like him to come talk to me because that is what i am used to. I would not mind to go and talk to him, but i have never talk to a sikh boy, and would have no idea of what to say or anything. Now i really don't have a problem approaching black or west indian fellaz cau
se i know what they r like now. So please tell me how i should go about trying to get with a SIKH boy. I have had enough of the other kind of guys in the world, and would like to get with one of mine own. Its not like i look west indian or something i am very light skin, i'm 5'5" with light brown hair and eyes. I just need some tips on how to get with a reel brwon boy. HELP PLEASE!


Sorry T , I dont think we can really help you with this. why dont you just have one of your mutual friends introduce you. So what if it's not because he didnt approach you. If you really like him why dont you tell him and then work from there. The thing is if you really like some one and your mind is made up, you are sure and all then you should take the steps to get what you want. Also make sure your intentions are on the level as far as how you are going to approach the relationship. I think it is so sad these days that the relationship between a man and a woman is no longer sacred in any way. Have a good one and good luck


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Love (11/02/1999)
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