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Summary of Question:Re: validity of the rehat meryadha
Date Posted:Thursday, 5/27/1999 3:17 PM MDT
Dear Sardar Jasjit Singh JI,


MAy I request for some of the quotations from SGGSJ that forbit meat.

THank YOU.

Jau sabh meh ek khudai kehat hau, tau kiyo murgee marai (GGS 1350)
You say that the One Lord is in all, so why do you kill chickens?
O Mullah, tell me: is this God's Justice?

Asankh galvadh hatiya kamaih (GGS 4)
Countless cut-throats and ruthless killers.

Kabir bhaang maachlee sura paan jo jo pranee khanheh, teerath barat naim keeyai te sabhai rsatl janhe (GGS 1377)
Kabeer, those mortals who consume marijuana, fish and wine
- no matter what pilgrimages, fasts and rituals they follow, they will all go to hell.

Baid parhai mukh meethee banee, jeean kuhat n sungai pranee (GGS 201)
With his mouth, he recites the Vedas in sweet musical measures,
and yet he does not hesitate to take the lives of others.

Roja dharai mnavai Allahu suadat jea sungharai, aapa dekh avr nhee dekhai kahe kau jhukh maarai (GGS 483)
You keep your fasts to please Allah, while you murder other beings for pleasure.
You look after your own interests, and so not see the interests of others. What good is your word?


Jasjit T. Ahluvalia

(English translations added by moderator Krishna Singh Khalsa)

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