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Summary of Question:What Is Sikh Raj Put
Category:The Sikh Gurus
Date Posted:Saturday, 10/13/2001 1:04 PM MDT

what is sikh rajput how it is different from jatt

I do not know. I do not observe caste. These are caste distinctions, and while taken seriously by some, they are man-made constructions that have no bearing on whether or not one is Sikh, or on how 'Sikh' one is. Guru taught us that one can be of any status and be Sikh. Panj Piaray on the first Baisakhi all came from different 'castes' and all of them were regarded as 'lowly' castes in their time. True Sikhs of the Guru do not observe caste and look on all as the same, part of God's creation.
Guru ang sang,

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What Is Sikh Raj Put (10/13/2001)
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