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Summary of Question:Japji Sahib Da Correct Ucharan - I Wonder
Date Posted:Friday, 3/28/2008 5:22 PM MDT

I have only recently started reading Japji Sahib and my Punjabi is still in its raw! state. Hence the question. I question throughout but Mool Manter will do for this test.

Everybody reads it as and I have heard a few as well;

ik-oNkaar sat naam kartaa purakh nirbha-o nirvair akaal moorat ajoonee saibhaN gur parsaad.

where as my reading of Punjabi will read as follows;

ik-oNkaar sati naamu kartaa purkhu nirbha-o nirvair akaal moorati ajoonee saibhaN gur parsaadi.

Note: Sati naamu - purkhu - moorti - parsaadi.

Your thoughts greatly appreciated.

As my Punjabi is a little dicey, I normally have audio going while I read it but it is off putting when I hear audio that is slightly different to the written paathh. They seem drop vowels very illogically.

Thanks, Pravesh

There are many good CDs with proper pronunciation of Japji. Get one and learn that way. Go to and you will find places to get CDs. JJK

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Japji Sahib Da Correct Ucharan - I Wonder (03/28/2008)
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