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Summary of Question:IIGS camp
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Sunday, 5/23/1999 9:59 PM MDT

I was impressed by what one young sikh learned from going to an IIGS camp. I do not even know what one of these are, and how can i get more info on being able to attend one.


We are very sorry for the delay in replying to this question, but my only guess is that the other moderators, like myself, haven't had any information regarding your question. I recently recieved some related information which may be of interest to you or to others who read this forum.

Last summer (1998) B.O.S.S and other sikh bodies held their third ever
sikhi camp on British soil! The idea was to get as many like minded sikhs
to take a break and at the same time learn about sikhi at a level that
most would find interesting and be able to relate to...

It was a great success as everbody was truly on a natural high with fun
packed activities throughout the days.

It was held at a Territorial Army Camp and there were loads of activities
like Assault course, Paintballing, Clay Pidgeon, Shooting, Archery,
Football, Mountain biking and then there was also Nitnem, open discussions
on Sikhi, Langar, Lectures, Sangat, More Langar, loads of Chardee Klaa
People, lots of KIRTAN, and most important of all we had the big boss
himself GURU Granth Sahib Jee MAHARAAJ there to show us the way.
(..and don't forget the Langar)

We practically turned the army camp into a Gurdwara, it was so COOL!
loads of Shaster Vidya and simran.

This year we have planned an even bigger and mega packed camp! with loads
of tasty LANGAR!... Sorry! I mean Activities.

The day starts with Amrit Vela! Nitnem! Kirtan! and then Langar!
continues with lectures and open discussions, then Langar!

Then we have all the fun activities followed by, yes, you guessed it
Langar! Rehraas Sahib, Kirtan and then sleep!
Only 30 includes travel from pickup points around country, and all of
the week's activities. BOSS is a non profit Organisation dedicated to
Sikhi Parchaar. We will hope that one day we won't have to charge.

All campers must be at least 16 Years of Age. Even though it is organised
by the naujawan there will be many Older Gursikhs there to supervise us,
look after us and guide us also.

For Any queries, problems, questions, Application Forms:-
British Organisation of Sikh Students
E-mail: [email protected]


(you can also visit the Sikh Community Youth Service, Handsworth,
Birmingham for more info.)

EVERYONE! is welcome.

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