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Summary of Question:I Am A Punjabi And I Smoke
Date Posted:Tuesday, 6/05/2007 3:30 PM MDT

i am a punjabi and i is bad in the culture i want to stop and i want god 2 give me 4givenes but i dont no how to stop i have lot problems i even was going to take drugs.

I dont know what to do.

Sat nam. Nicotine is a very tough habit to break. First you have to really want to, second you need support. In the west you can find nicotine gum and skin patches that really help people stop smoking by allowing their bodies to withdraw slowly. I know that acupuncture also works for this, but you need to keep a regular treatment schedule for 3-4 months. I also know that hard exercise, daily, helps immensely in reducing nicotine cravings. Some people quit cold turkey. Whatever you do, don't switch one addiction for another. If none of these work and you're still serious about quitting, see a doctor. God forgives those who forgive themselves! You have to forgive yourself rather than beat yourself. Guru ang sang,

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I Am A Punjabi And I Smoke (06/05/2007)
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