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Summary of Question:Removing Hair From Private Parts
Date Posted:Thursday, 2/25/2010 4:24 PM MST

waheguru g ka khalsa

waheguru g ki fateh

hi.i m a amritdhari but some time i feel that i should not taken amrit right now as i m 18 only i should have taken afterwards because
1)as i go to gym there instructor say to eat chicken or meat to increase body and muscles .
2)is it right to remove hair from private parts and vir g moreover i dont feel importance of that hair ,and no one will know if i cut that hair because they are not visible
1. you will always have people say to do this or have your Guru's directive which is the guideline you need to follow..
2. keeping hair is not for is for your fullness for your human balance and protection...if no one can see it then why be concerned about this & remove it?
3. Please do research on Youth Forum and read replies as to why we keep hair and other Amritdhari related replies.
blessings, SK

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Removing Hair From Private Parts (02/25/2010)
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