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Summary of Question:Transparency With Gurudwara Management
Date Posted:Wednesday, 9/26/2007 9:45 PM MDT

If you know of a Gurudwara's head misusing the temple fund what would you do???

This issue actually has been raised by some group of sangat who are regulars to these particular gurudwara. They have even highlighted these issues to the head of the gurudwara but they were brushed off with harsh words. The head did not cooperate with the sangat and did not justify himself.

At the moment the Gurudwara is going through a major renovation. There's a lot of fund that has been collected from the sangat by contribution. There's no building plan pertaining to these renovatin project for all to view. Neither is there any approval from the authority board. To make matters worst there's no aaccount for all these collection and expenses taking place. Now the sangat are mainly concern whether if the building is built illegally.

Please be noted that there is no intention of tarnishing anybody by raising these question. Being a Sikh would it be better to just keep quiet and see the fun or raise the issue and seek explanation.

Your advise would be very much appreciated.

Sat nam. While I am aware that there are community relationships in question, in principle something such as this should not be allowed to continue or fester. A gursikh believes in truth, not falsity. But before you or anyone says anything, it is best to have some kind of hard proof, such as an accountant's or auditor's report. Moreover, confronting the one involved should not be done alone, but with others who feel the same way.
It's not the life you lead, it's the COURAGE you bring to it. Guru ang sang,

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Transparency With Gurudwara Management (09/26/2007)
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