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Summary of Question:Question On Body-Building
Date Posted:Saturday, 11/24/2001 1:57 AM MST

My question is regarding weight lifting and body building and the relationship it has to do with altering the body. I have been lifting wieghts since Ive been 16 and for 2 years now Ive become very muscularly massive, and perfectly proportional and am considering becoming a body-builder. Ive used sikhism to become focused and dedicatedi n the wieght room. My meals however consist of high protein diet, For all the protein I eat I do ewat lots of vegetable and huge amounts of carbohydrates. There is a good balance in all of my meals. The question I have is , I know myself that if all that matters is getting with the guru ect, but mwieghtlifting is my hobby is musuclar development changing the way god made you as cutting your hair would be?


Sat Sri Akal,

Exercise is very important as is a balanced diet to make sure your body stays fit and healthy. When you work out, your muscles will naturally get bigger, that is the way they were designed. There is nothing wrong with that. It is only wrong if you take drugs or other enhancements to make them unnaturally large. Not only is that against Sikhism, it is bad for your health.

Waheguru gave you muscles so that you can use your body. As long as everything you do is natural, it is perfectly fine. In fact, Sikhs are supposed to be strong so that they can protect themselves and their community.

Remember, as long as it is natural exercise, it is perfectly fine.

Gur Fateh,

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Question On Body-Building (11/24/2001)
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