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Summary of Question:Why do we follow events according to the English Calendar?
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Tuesday, 4/20/1999 8:35 AM MDT

I just wanted to ask why all of a sudden the Akal Takht has decided to literally 'PEG' the important dates of the sikh calendar such as Vesakhi, Gurpurab and other events to the English Calendar. If it is to make people's lives more conviennient, then i dont think there is any point worshipping wrong events on wrong days. Please do take my question into consideration and give me a valid answer on this !!

Sat Nam. I think you'd have to ask someone at the Akal Takht "Why" they made this decision. I certainly cannot speak for them! I am just wondering though why it bothers you so much? Celebration dates are often arbitrary, and isn't it the spirit that counts? Blessings, SP

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Why do we follow events according to the English Calendar? (04/20/1999)
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