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Summary of Question:Detoxing/Diet/Healthy Food
Date Posted:Sunday, 2/03/2002 4:57 AM MST

Sat Sri Akal

I was watching Yogi Bhajans video on sikhnet and in the video they talk about de-toxing the body by drinking grapefruit juice. However it is unclear how long we should drink this for it to work and can we eat/drink other foods while drinking the juice?

I am very very interested to start meditating but I also want to get my body into ?shape?. I want to cleanse my internal system of the impurities too. I am a vegetarian although I do eat egg if it is already in something i.e pizza bases, cakes. So I have not stopped eating meat completely-I do intend to. I am not at all fat for my size I am just not particulary healthy and I think it is important to be when meditating.

Basically I want to cleanse my body of impurities. I have heard that there are also foods we should avoid to avoid some of the vices like ?Kaam, Krodh etc?. Do you know which foods these are, particularly for the ?Krodh?. I don?t know if you can advise on this issue of ?detoxing? the body but Yogi Bhajans comments interested me.

I would really appreciate a reply. Thank you.

Sat Siri Akaal. You have asked questions enough for an all-day lecture on foods for health and healing. As for grapefruit juice, I do not know the answer to that question. So, I recommend you go to this website and order the following book, "Foods for Health & Healing: Remedies & Recipes" which is based on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan. You might also find it in a local healthfood store's book section, or in a big store like Borders (if you are in the USA). This book will go a long way to answer your questions.

I hope this helps. Guru ang sang,

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Detoxing/Diet/Healthy Food (02/03/2002)
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