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Summary of Question:Re: What's happening to our foundation?
Date Posted:Wednesday, 6/16/1999 12:46 PM MDT
Dear Krishna S.
In my first letter I realize that I took an approach to the issue of the certification that can
be argued, I did this so that people would not have to lose very much face. Before I
continue I would first like to bring to your attention that I have spoken to several people
about why they personally got certified. The reasons are:

To have something that proves that they actually are a part of 3ho.

To have a marketing strategy.

One man told me that he thought that the certified people were going to have access to the
teachings of Yogi Bhajan that other people wouldn't.

The last reason is a special one this person was certified to support Yogi Bhajan.

Now I would liketo share the story told by Yogi Bhajan which was told on July 23, 1996
at the first masters touch course in Espanola NM.

"What do you teach, acting or reality? If you are not a jewel yourself, how can you make
jewels? And if other people are your decoration, what strength do you have? Have you
ever thought of it?
You know when I came through immigration, the immigration officer said, "I have a
great problem with you Yogiji."
I said, "what is your problem?"
He said, "well in canada you are a yogi. the Canadian government had to issue a special
category of immigration for a yogi."
Isaid, "Yes I'm not a religious man, I'm not a school teacher, and I'm not a sports
teacher. I'm a yogi. They had only two categories. So they created Category C: Yogi."
So he said, "thats very well. It is in your passport. Its a government stamp, I
understand. But the United states wants you to be certified as a Yogi."
I said, "Thats it?"
He said, "yeah. Can you get something done like that? somebody writes from India or
something like that?"
I said, "no, I'll give it to you in twenty minutes."
I went to the bank of America, and I asked somebody to type out: "I, Harbhajan Singh
Khalsa Yogiji, hereby certify that I am a perfect yogi. I swear it under da da da da." and i
sighned it, got it noterized, paid 1dollar, matter ended. I bought four copies and i gave him
one. I said, "Kindly receive it." He received it.
He said,"This is your certificate?"
I said, "Well who else can certify? Are yougoing to certify me?"
"sombody from India."
I said,"Who? Only a Yogi can certify the self and self can certify a yogi. let me teach
you lesson one: I must certify myself, and myself must certify me. If I do not know this,
I'm not a yogi."
He said, "Okay okay okay, I understand. Its okay. this will work."
I said, "it will."
If you cannot certify yourself, nobody can certify you, and no certificate will work. If
you don't have your character, your characterlessness will make you fail. If you have
character, you shall not lose."

End of story.
(This story is published in "The Masters Touch" book on pages 55-56.)

As one last thing I'd like to say that Yogi Bhajan does not sign his name to the certificates,
but he signs it on cereal boxes, T-shirts, letters to students, etc. So what proof is there that
Yogi Bhajan endorses your certification program? If you can prove THAT then I'll will
gladly renounce everything i've said here today, furthermore the only thing that has made
me biased is the word of my Teacher.

Humbly the daughter of Guru Ram Das
Dear Friend
Thank you for your wonderful, intelligent and well-developed response. I
certainly have no dispute with you or your point of view, and I also have
no dispute with anyone one who wants to get certified as a teacher of
Kundalini Yoga, for any reason. One of the things he (Yogiji) used to say
before a class or especially before a special occasion ( we used to call
them "feasts"), he'd say, "Bring your friends, bring your enemies, let's
get together and experience togetherness."

Are you saying that these reasons you've cited are wrong reasons? Maybe
they aren't the "highest" reasons, or the "wisest" reasons, they say more
about where the person is at, than where certification is at. I think
anyone is welcome to qualify themselves to teach if they are agree to be
ethical, not to abuse or exploit the students who trust them. Everyone, by
their own caliber, will attract the students who meet their caliber.
Teachers are needed at every level of existence. Yogiji once said (he
wasn't speaking as "Siri Singh Sahib"), "I have no fear of going to hell,
they have really wonderful yoga classes in hell." As they say, "People in
hell need ice water." I suppose they need Kundalini Yoga too. What I'm
saying is that teachers are needed in every dimension, people can teach who
ever is around them, and who it is that will be around them has a lot to do
with who they are. Why should we judge? Judgment is a judeo-christian
thing that causes nothing but misery for the judge and the one who gets

You obviously have great sensitivity, insight, and you're very articulate.
These are all wonderful gifts and I would urge and encourage you to
continue to develop them, not just for your own benefit but for the benefit
of all. You could elevate and enlighten people who are less insightful
than you, if you will put heart, and compassion, and tolerance, and love
into it. Compassion is the attitude to see the sufferings of others
removed. Love is the attitude to assist others to find happiness. They go
hand in hand. But teaching, real teaching is very subtle. Perhaps these
people you're citing are supposed to be your students, they don't sound
very subtle yet. Just please don't beat them up. Sometimes it's like
getting a horse or even a deer to eat out of your hand. You have to be
very steady, and undisturbed, and have generosity in your heart. Then
beings will have trust, and they can open up to receive.

Thank you for your e-mail. I am always happy and delighted to correspond.
By the way, you are 15. My son is 15, did you ever know him? His name was
Simirit Anand Singh. Now he's been pulled in other directions. I pray for
him. Perhaps you can too.

Krishna Singh Khalsa
Dear Krishna S.
What I'm saying is that the certification is bringing out the greed, and the insecurity of
these people. And I'm wondering what you are seeing that I'm not. What is so good about
the certification? If you agree with me then why do you still endorse the certificates?
When you tell me the wonderful things that yoga and the teachings can do I totally and
completely agree with you but what I don't understand is why you are saying them, that
has nothing to do with what the certification is doing to our friends. I think that if
everyone would just realize that its the teachings are the great thing and not the
certification then we could all lead a life where they could deal with all their mistakes and
find complete happiness in the life that they have chosen to lead, and not only that but our
organization could all be together and unified, and we could take over the world.

One of Guru Nanak's most famous quotes is "Truth is the highest virtue, Truthful living is
higher still."

If we could all have enough truth to recognize our greed, insecurity, and fear we could all
be perfectly healthy, happy and holy. Isn't that what we're all about anyway?

What I get from when you say <Judgment is a judeo-christian thing that causes nothing
but misery for the judge and the one who gets judged.> is that you mean that we shouldn't
judge things as good and bad, everything that happens we either judge as good or as bad
and if we can just recognize that we feel that way then we become neutral, but what i
really want is not to judge, or be judged, but to have victory and how can you have victory
if it doesn't involve everyone, victory for everyone is the only real victory there is. My
problem with the certification is that I don't see any victory in it for anyone. Money will
never make anyone happy, and if people keep chasing after it then they dig themselves
deeper and deeper into their own personal hell where their happiness is just out of their

It brings great sadness to my heart when I realize all the people who don't know what I
just told you and can't really understand because they think they already know.

Humbly yours, the Servant of Truth

P.S. I don't think I have met your son, but I do know your sister.

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