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Summary of Question:Weight Issues
Date Posted:Sunday, 7/01/2007 9:34 PM MDT

Hi there,

I feel terribly ashamed that i have to post such a question- but its been years and i have no answer.
Im 25 this year, 175cm tall and only 44kg.
Im really skinny and i have been like this for years- sometimes it doesnt really affect me, but recently, im beginning to feel really really affected.

I even went to the extend of begging God to help me put on weight.
I know that God is so busy and that i shouldnt have done that.

Im already kind of engaged to my long-term boyfriend. Even his parents, are going on and on about my weight issues and how i should put on some meat-
After 10 years, even my boyfreind is beginning to make comments on how thin i look.

I m really sad about this. My sister is tall too but she is meatier than me and she doesnt look sick- she actually looks healtheir- i can see taht and people say that.

I do eat- but im kinda fussy. I dont eat beef- am trying to refrain from halal chicken, trying to stick to fish, i love milk. im going to buy evening primrose oil pills today.

Im not asking for a religious mantra to put on weight- but im sure one of you know something that can actually work on me

I really need your help on this one- im being very depressed.
I really sincerely want to put on weight, look better in my clothes, do justice to my beautiful suits and look healthy

Thanks for the attention


Sat nam. Every BODY is different. Ask your family to leave you alone on this. Pressure is because many Indians regard thin people as starved. Guru may have given you a body that is meant to be thin. Also, some folks take longer to fill out than others. You might find that by the time your are 30, this is not an issue.
Next thing you should do is go to a medical doctor and get a complete blood work up including check of hormone levels. It could be that your thinness and depression are a sign of thyroid levels being off. Could be something else to. You could also have a digestion problem. Also see a nutritionist or dietician to find out if you could eat differently with the idea of eating right to put on weight. Don't try to put on weight by eating wrong, such as too much of one food, junk food, etc.
I also recommend you look up a book called Eat Right for your Blood Type. Find out your blood type and start eating according the recommendations. That may also help you with your weight issue.
Guru ang sang,

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Weight Issues (07/01/2007)
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