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Summary of Question:Explanation of Kashera (shorts) and Kirpan
Date Posted:Thursday, 5/27/1999 3:52 AM MDT

Please can you explain to me why sikhs must wear the Kashera? Are there specific guidelines as to how they should be made e.g. must be made from white colour cloth, should be loose and baggy rather than fitted, must have a nala(draw string) oppose to elastic, can they be short length above the knee or should they be long, why should it never be detached from the body? I have been informed that it must be worn at all times even during a bath/shower and when changing into a clean Kashera it should be done one leg at a time so one leg is in the clean Kashera before the old one is completely removed from the body.

Also why should a Kirpan be worn? Should it be worn at all times or can this be removed when bathing or at night when going to sleep? Also should it be a certain length?


The kachera are to keep the temperature of the thighs at a constant temperature so the calcium can be balanced. That will keep you mentally balanced.
It is also to control sexual energy. They should come to the top of the knee.
They should be worn during shower for above reasons, but the part about one leg in the new one before the old one is off... that's sounds like fanaticism.

Kirpan is to be worn whenever possible, because the steel is very powerful to keep your energy field (aura) protected and strong. Again, telling others they must wear it to bed and in the shower is fanaticism. If you do that because you really want to, that's fine, but making it a rule or law for others is misunderstanding the intent.

Our Dharma is a framework, or set of guidelines to keep us heading in the right direction. Every action, every thought, becomes part of who and what we are. Dharma gives us a way so that *most* of our actions and thoughts can elevate us to infinity. It's not meant as a set of rules we use to condemn ourselves or others.

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Explanation of Kashera (shorts) and Kirpan (05/27/1999)
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