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Summary of Question:So Purakh - First And Last Lines
Date Posted:Monday, 8/03/2009 2:25 PM MDT


I have found that in numerous instances you have suggested for women to prayer "So Purakh" 11x a day for either present or future husband.

Well, some Sikh website say to do only up to "JAN NAANAK GUN GAAVAI KARTAY KAY JEE JO SABHASAI KAA JAANO-EE" For example, this website ( only does the first stanza. However, some sites will tell you to do all 4 pauris.

Can you give me the very last line of this prayer? I don't know where it ends. There are multiple results on the internet.

The prayer by Guru Ram Das starts in Rehiras with:
So purkh niranjan.........
and ends with the line you have given above....Jan Naanak gun gaavai................."
The entire prayaer is written and you should do the entire prayer.
Stop cruising the net and start reciting and get your experience.

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So Purakh - First And Last Lines (08/03/2009)
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