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Summary of Question:Re: Dating
Date Posted:Monday, 9/27/1999 10:05 AM MDT
l have read all the items in this forum and there are very few people who think the dating is incorrect. Im sorry but l tend to disagree.

When, as many parents are forced to do, which is give permission for dating whehter in the same cast/religion l persoally think that we will be in the same position in 20-30 years as the white people are in the westeren countries.

The position being that a high number of divorcess, children not knowing who there parents are and the mothers not being able to give them an answer, high abortion rates, children having sex at very young ages such as12 years old etc etc.

It is not about keeping the sikh line pure or any nonsense like this that l disapprove of dating, it is because l think that if a women or even a man has had sex with more than two or three different partners they lose their self respect and respect from others.

Then the question is put to me that you dont need to have sex at a date. This is true, but there are very few cases where someone has dated and it has not lead to sex in a couple of dates.

And the question that is dateing against sikh religion. l think that people are getting religion and culture mixed up. It is not against sikh religion to date as far as l know, but it is not accepted in the sud - continent culture, wether you be panjabi, pakistani, sr i laken etc.

l hope that l have not offended any one with these comments and hope that you will reply giving your point of view on this issue and others you may wish to do on.

Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Whaeguru ji ke fathe.


Sat Nam,
Thank you for writing us with your opinions on this topic. I do understand what you are saying and comend you for having these strong beliefs and practices. As sikhs, we do not take part in dating because before marraige every person of the opposite sex is looked upon as a daughter, sister, mother, aunt etc. If we follow this practice then there is not oportunity for dating to occur.

Again thank you for sharing your opinions.

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