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Summary of Question:how do sikhs believe the world was created?
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Thursday, 7/15/1999 1:29 PM MDT

This is Gurpreet from Southall and I am curious to know about how sikhs believe the world was created, and I also want to know where we sikhs go after we die, could you please give me a relevant answer and thanks for answering my previous question.

We were learning about how hinduism, and christianity believe how the world was created, what do we sikhs believe? Hinduism believe that Brahma had broken a lotus
flower in three and used one petal for the skies and one petal for the earth and one petal for the heavens, do we believe in that?
I've been wanting to know this answer to my question for ages.Thanks!


How the world was created.
Before there was any Universe, there was just God in the unmanifest, formlessness. God could not create another God as a companion so He created what we call the creation. The first thing made was "Creative Energy". That Creative energy is called Brahma by the Hindus. It is called ONG by us. In Mul Mantra it says Ek -the One, ONG-through the creative energy KAR- created the creation. From the Creative energy came the Creation as we know it. I don't know the exact sequence of what came first, but that's not really that important. What matters is that you understand that the entire creation is nothing more than a play or a game that God does for entertainment.
Religion is supposed to give you the rules and the reality of how to play this game called life. You may become a saint and liberate yourself from the cycle of re-incarnation, or you may be an idiot who never relates to your reality. Either way you are playing your part in the play. If you are ready to release yourself from the cycle of incarnation, then the Khalsa path will get you there. That's what our Dharma is, a blueprint on how to get to our higher conciousness. The play of God is endless, and there are many paths to enlightenment. Ours happens to be a well defined way with easy to follow instructions. If you aren't interested, then you have millions of years to reincarnate until you are interested.

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