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Summary of Question:Relationship Between Guru Ji And Mata Sahib Kaur
Category:Sikh History
Date Posted:Saturday, 11/29/2003 6:46 PM MST

i teach punjabi and sikh history in gurughar a student askd me the same quest. which i could not answer and iam still looking for a proper answer .the student is 10 yr old . said if guruji had 2 wives if not was she his grl frnd .if not how u say guruji is the father of khalsa and she is the mother of khalsa. please help me how i can explain em..

Sat Siri Akaal. Guru Gobind Singh had more than one wife. This is a point of contention and of denial among Sikhs, but not Sikh historians. And many people will say, 'that's wrong.' The primary Sikh historic sources verify it, if you can read old Punjabi. He did not go looking for extra wives, they were betrothed to him when he was young. That said, Mata Sahib Deva was 3rd wife of Guru and mother of Khalsa. When 10th Master stirred the first Amrit with khanda, he asked Mata Sahib to taste it. It was bitter. She said add some (sugar) to it, to sweeten it. He did, and all khanda Pahul amrit ceremonies since include sweetener. Her involvement in this first Baisakhi makes her Mother of Khalsa. After Guruji died, she continued to serve and keep to his rehit from that day.
Please read and read the Sikh historic accounts of Gurus and Baisakhi offered via this portal.
Guru ang sang,

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Relationship Between Guru Ji And Mata Sahib Kaur (11/29/2003)
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