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Summary of Question:Installing Sri Guru Granth Sahib ?
Date Posted:Monday, 2/23/2004 4:14 PM MST

Dear Bhai Sahib Ji,

I have got a one volume Sri Guru Granth Sahib from a friend of mine, from India. He went to visit Punjab and asked me if I wanted anything and I said I want the Sri Guru Granth Sahib. I thought I was getting a english translation but he got me the original version in Gurmukhi which is kept in the Gudwara. He asked for $700US from me for it.. which I thought was too expensive..but since he paid for it I didn't argue. so I think that it is the real deal, because I can not read the language. The format of it seems to correspond to the Gurbani CD that is available on the internet. It is a full size version in Gurmukhi one volume, very elegant. I do not know anything about protocol of the Guru. I do not want to do anything disrespectful..presently it is on my dresser, he also brought very fancy Ramalas for and I have the Guru wrapped in them at the present momment. I ask you for some advice, and the main question is: Is the volume I have the real Guru, even though it is not installed properly.? Does the Guru (Spirit) reside in it even though it is not installed properly...urgent reply requested please email me the answer.

Thank you

Dear John,
Guru is in your heart and certainly in the volume you received from India. Right now you are not offending Guru by how you are keeping it, since your INTENT is respectful. Protocol for installing Guru is found in the "Victory & Virtue" section of Sikhnet,

Also, I suggest you ask a Gursikh you may know to assist you in installing Siri Guru properly. This is an honor for any Gursikh-perhaps your friend who got it can help or direct you.

Your Guru is now in 'sukhasan', and it is appropriate to keep it wrapped up in the ramallahs. The energy of Guru is different when it is open and being read from. You'll have to see for yourself. English translation of Siri Guru is on Sikhnet as well, start with the front page and look for Siri Guru Granth Sahib and click from there. Guru ang sang,

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Installing Sri Guru Granth Sahib ? (02/23/2004)
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