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Summary of Question:Sikh "Culture"
Category:General Q's from Non-Sikhs
Date Posted:Tuesday, 8/20/2002 1:36 PM MDT

Hello! I have enjoyed browsing your web page, and feel encouraged to ask a general question:

My daughter (age 1 year) recently entered day care with a sikh family. I have no familiarity with Sikhism, beyond meeting some Sikh families in my business, and now your page. I am interested in whether there are any customs I should be aware of: I do not want to offend, and also I want my daughter to benefit from the richness of this family's religious practice. They don't do any "religious" practices with the children, though of course the way one behaves in any moment is a practice. Perhaps there is some gesture I can make on a special holyday?

I was raised Catholic, but strongly beleive that beautiful religion (whatever religion, practiced according to its deepest teachings, with love and worship of the divine) is personal and essential to all of us.

Reply: the special days are called gurpurabs and they are celebrations of the birth of the guru's. Baisakhi is also a well celebrated day. Not knowing the level of faith of your family the best thing is to ask them and talk to them... and ask them about their faith..



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