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Summary of Question:Guru Gobind Singh to return?
Category:The Sikh Gurus
Date Posted:Friday, 9/15/2000 6:21 AM MDT

Having spent a number of weeks in Hazoor Sahib, I had the opportunity to speak to a number of Nihang (Warrior) Sikhs. Everyone there were telling me stories that Guru Gobind Singh is to return back to this Earth very soon in order to resurect the Khalsa Panth.

At first I wasnt too sure but they quoted from a number of books that were written during Guru Gobind Singh's time and now I believe he will return. You only need to look at Punjab to see all the youngsters cutting their hair. Is Guru Gobind Singh coming back?
+********************************************************************************I do not think that Guru Gobind Singh has gone away.

He is alive in his bani, which we recite daily as part of our Nitnem. If you relate to him directly he is presant. Why relate to Guru Gobind Singh as a dead entity or an intellectual concept?

He is alive, he is here now and forever. If people in Punjab say that the Guru's are dead, then of course the children have their hair cut for they are not being taught the power of their living Guru and the power of the experience of their Dharmic practices.

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Guru Gobind Singh to return? (09/15/2000)
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