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Summary of Question:Sikhism Not Being Taught In School
Category:Sikh History
Date Posted:Thursday, 11/28/2002 1:48 PM MST

im a 13 year old girl from engaland

i would like sikhism to be know more around the world. in my school in england we are not being taught about sikhism enough. we are always being taught about christianity and islam. i probably know about those religions than sikhism. i have often asked to be taught about sikhism and let others know about our culture and what are religion stands for. we all know the basics but i wnat everyone to know our history and what the gurus faught for. i want people to know why we wear turbans and why we have long hair. i believe strongly that we should be taught about sikhism. its a very interesting religion and has lots of history.
can you please give me suggestions on how we could get sikhism taught more often?
(REPLY) Sat Nam. I have a tiny little suggestion that may not answer your big question, but at least it would be a start - in your school, anyway. How about if YOU prepare a presentation to give to the whole school to explain the history and beliefs of the Sikh religion? OF course you would have to study up a lot so that you would have a sophisticated and polished presentation, (Multi media - (perhaps using some of the things on the Sikhnet website - slides, pictures)and maybe you could get some other Sikhs any adults in your familiy or community who can speak well to help you put together a program, with several people presenting various aspects of our faith. As for getting it into the curriculum - have you tried speaking to the Principal of the school about your desire to have more emphasis -- or at least more inclusion? Basically, because Sikhs are not a "missionary" type religion that goes around trying to convert people, we have not yet become well known! However, at least in the United States, more and more people are discovering who we are. I wish you great success in your campaign! Blessings, SP

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Sikhism Not Being Taught In School (11/28/2002)
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