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Summary of Question:Yoga Is Hinduism
Category:General Q's from Non-Sikhs
Date Posted:Saturday, 9/07/2002 8:10 AM MDT


I would really appreciate a response to all my questions.

I am a Hindu from Bangalore and two of my good school friends were Sikhs. There was no tension and there is no tension among Hindus and Sikhs in Banaglore. To non punjabi people, Sikhs and Punjabi Hindus are just Punjabis. We never felt the need to discuss religon or the State of origin amongst ourselves and everyone accepted each other as they were. I have lived extensively in India (except Delhi & Punjab and JK) and saw Sikhs every where and didn't see any tensions.

After coming to the USA, I met several Sikh people at work and in the Indian areas of NJ. I found that they were very hostile towards Hindus. They constantly spewed hatred and said India uses Sikhs for fighting Pakistan. I learnt that only 20% of the defence forces in India come from Punjab and there is no conscription and I know youngsters from States queu for recruitment. The Army will be fully staffed whether not SIkhs choose to serve. Sikhs can choose not to serve in the Army. Also, they complained that the Indian Govt doesn't setup heavy industries in Punjab. Well, Indian Govt doesnt do horse-shit and thats good. All industrialized & Hitech states like Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra are advanced because the local people did something about it. The Sikhs don't see any common grounds with Indians choose not to be called Indians and always dispute that they are from India.

Well, that is fine but when I go India and see my Sikh friends in Bangalore and Sikhs in India, I am confused, I can't help but wonder if they too dislike India and Hindus. Hindus usually seemed shocked and state I am mistaken when I tell them that Sikhs dont call themseleves Indians abroad and dont mix with Indians.

My question is if Sikhs are not Indians or from India , how do I deal with Sikh people in India and the US? What does Sikhism say about a united Bharat, did Sikh Gurus advocate Khalistan? Do Khalistan proponents propose that SIkhs living in other Indian states move to Khalistan if it ever materializes? Why do Sikhs choose to serve in the Indian Army if they belive that they are not Indians?? Also, why do Sikhs blame the Central Indian Govt for lack of Industries/Hitech when even in America when compared to Hindus they are professionals and laborers when Hindus are far more entrpreneurial and higher educated and have started huge businesses. Is it possible that Sikhs lack a business entrepreneurial spirit when compared to Hindus? All Indians know that the Indian Central Govt sucks.

Is there any hope for Hindu Sikh relations or the future looks bleak?




Some people Hindus, sikhs anything else will always create division. It is about living with each other. A lot of people got angry as they were hurt and felt betrayed due to the riots in Delhi( so they feel hurt that people did not standup and say it was wrong) So you have met some of them...others and I know many of them had Hindu friends who saved their lives and kept them safe and they are like your friends. So, you are okay and you have good friends... we chose our friends and focus on the positive. Most sikhs and hindus and christians and jews and all want to live in peace some dont... it is not about Khalistan as much as about a group of people doing something wrong wether in the government or outside. You already know about the govt being what it is. It is only the naive who do not see the govt for what it is.

For ME

The Gurus especially teach by example.

Guru Nanak tells Baber that his invasion is cruel( teaches us that he sees no muslim and no hindu)...Guru Teg Bahadur dies to protect Hindus (teaches us about social injustice and to protect the right of all faiths). Guru Gobind fights and teaches us to protect each other for what is right (his is attributed to have coined the phrase Hindustan...i may be wrong).

People who blame others about lack of investment well that is just sour grapes and politics at work. And even if it is true sikhs are supposed to be entrapeneurial tell them to start something. I think that by percent of population Sikhs and hindus are doing fine... We just not very good at tooting our horn. Did you know that the fiberoptic was invented by a sikh? 3 sikhs are billionares?

So live the example... and focus on collective unity not forgeting to call out social injustice. Politics will continue to creat division becuase it benefits one party or another...

But YOU can be true to who you want to be and have friends behave in a particular way...when someone tells you they hate India tell them you love them as all minorites sikh or Parsi or Jew are a unique part of the fabric of india.

Now some of us sikhs are of Indian origin and others are not. So some sikhs will be Indian or some will be Canadian, American, English and so on. Many hindus I know also deny their Indianess... not strange at all.

I have great hope for all Indians... Sikhs, hindus, muslims and others as long as each respects the other and creates a will to live together. We have too much in common to stop loving each other. I use the Sikh Gurus, and people like Gandhi, Mandela, Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa as examples. Focus on the positive and one day John Lennon's "Imagine" will come true.

I hope that helps


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