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Summary of Question:Gurdwara Protocol?
Date Posted:Tuesday, 3/13/2007 12:55 AM MDT

is there something wrong with wearing hair down (girls) and chewing gum at the gurdwara? i am always told that it is not right to wear my hair down at the gurdwara, and to not chew gum in the room with the sggs.

also, i was reading a post just now about females menstruating. so it is ok to do sewa while on the period? not too long ago i had relatives who held a kirtan and they did not want to do sewa in the langar hall or with the food, or anything for that matter, because they said they were on their period and it was a "sin" to do sewa. is that true or just some myth they used, probably to not do anything at all? thank you. i'll be back for more advice :)

Sat nam. All these things are individual practices that others have made 'rules.' Personally, I don't think one should chew gum in gurdwara, but I have no good reason for saying that! I believe that in the times of the 10 Gurus, one did not ingest food unless Guru requested or invited one to do so. Gum in that sense is like food. With the exception of small children and babies, people generally wait to eat after Gurdwara, in langar.
Hair down or up, I see both all the time. Always, though, it is covered.
Seva can be done anytime. It is not a 'sin' to do seva in Gurdwara or langar hall when menstruating. I have never heard of that.
Guru ang sang,

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Gurdwara Protocol? (03/13/2007)
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