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Summary of Question:Akandpaath
Date Posted:Saturday, 5/07/2011 2:00 PM MDT

I went to do roll sewa of akandpaath being done at my friends place.they are doing akandpaath from swaroop of Guru Granth sahibji which is written in gurmukhi,english and english meaning.I was told ,paath will be done in both gurmukhi as well as english as many of her friends are american sikh.I was ok with the language as long we are doing paath.but when i finish my roll and next person took over from me ,she started reading the meaning of gurbani (from where i left),i was kind of surprised as this was my first experience with american singhs.I thought,paath will be done in gurmukhi or english.will reading meanings be consider akandpaath?

Yes, reading the Gurmukhi meaning is acceptable in our western Akhand Paths.SK

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Akandpaath (05/07/2011)
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