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Summary of Question:Cosmetics For Protection
Date Posted:Monday, 4/01/2002 3:08 PM MDT

Sat sri akaal, all!

I got to thinking about this after one of the books I was studying gave stern warnings about Sikh ladies & make-up.

I am of North-European ancestry and am very fair-skinned, so I have a problem with sun exposure. I put on base & lipstick when I go to work or out walking, both products have a high SPF number so I can avoid sun damage as much as possible. I look at the color as an added bonus that gives me a little lift.

I'm a little bit confused because one person might say that I should not alter myself with cosmetics, but appreciate how my Divine Creator made me; yet I have stewardship over this body and must take care against melanoma too. Any thoughts?




Greetings Elizabeth - It is a matter of intent. It's about consciousness, not cosmetics. The point isn't that cosmetics are "bad", or "prohibited". Of course you can use things to protect your skin. It's when you think "I need to apply this to make myself look beautiful", or "I'm not beautiful. I need to wear makup to look good", then it is a self-abuse. It is an insecurity.

I am One with God. I am a perfect manifestation of God. I am perfectly beautiful just as I am.

That is the consciousness.


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Cosmetics For Protection (04/01/2002)
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