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Summary of Question:Re: Should Sikh women tie their hair (kesh) on the top of their heads like the men
Date Posted:Thursday, 5/25/2000 9:50 PM MDT
Vaheguru Ji ka khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh,

I believe that it is the choice of a woman in deciding upon whether to wear a Turban to cover her hair or not. Satgur created the khalsa and in doing so created a society that could both actively think and act dynamically as a community. I believe that growing hair is important and required in Sikhism, but I think that if a woman decides to cover her hair with a chuni instead of a turban, it still serves the same purpose. Her appearance is distinct in western culture. Bani teaches us that "what is in the heart bears fruit." (asa di var) We are taught in Bani to realize the self and in doing so will realize God. I wear a turban and have been doing so for close to 9 years now. The turban to me, has enabled me to identify some of my many flaws and imperfections, such as the want to conform to the standards often set in western society and culture on the importance of non-distinct appearance. Ideals such as the drive for Maya in it's many forms including those of lust and greed are often hard to identify and not thought upon commonly in our busy daily routines. By having a distinct appearance, I became accountable for my actions. The sikh appearance not only makes us think more often about our conduct and it's reflection upon a wider society, but makes us reflect upon our own ideals and how similiar they are to the characteristics often repeatedly stated throughout the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. When taliking of topics that are often shaded in the colour grey we must not forget about the primary purpose served by the article of discussion. I can wear a Kirpan my entire life, but if this article of faith does not help me in realising the flaws in myself and alter my thinking to those of serving others and being no judgemental, then I have missed the point.

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Re: Should Sikh women tie their hair (kesh) on the top of their heads like the men (05/25/2000)
Should Sikh women tie their hair (kesh) on the top of their heads like the men (05/16/2000)
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