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Summary of Question:What Has Politics To Do With Darbar Saab Amritsar
Date Posted:Saturday, 4/21/2007 10:46 PM MDT

we have commonly seen that whenever any function regardign any of our gurus is celebrated at darbar sahib amritsar it is headed by one or the other political party.The leaders either from SGPC or other factions try to rule over the mikes and end up using the whole days delivering political speeches either critisising the opposite or informing us about their own achievements.Darbar sahib has a maryada of its own where non siks and women are not allowed to perform kirtan just to keep the maryada, are these political people over and above the maryada who start delivering their political lectures within the harmandir sahib complex, why are these people even allowed to speak within the harmandir sahib complex. Devottees who come from far flung araes to celebrate gurupurabs are left with no choices but to listen to thes ediots as the area inside the temple is tooo small to accomodate such huge rush of people

You are right. Politics thrives all around the Golden Temple. This is the mentality of our community. There is no spiritual value in this. Yes, all people are deprived of a deep spiritual experience while this occurs. This will change in time.

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What Has Politics To Do With Darbar Saab Amritsar (04/21/2007)
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